In the event that a Customer disputes any conduct of Playbet relating to a betting transaction then the Customer undertakes to lodge a complaint in writing with Playbet at its offices at 546 Jules Street, Malvern Johannesburg within 10 (ten) working days from the date of the betting transaction in question.

Playbet shall have a period of 10 (ten) working days from the lodgement of the dispute by the Customer to consider same and possibly to reverse the decision contemplated in condition

Should Playbet refuse to reverse its decision contemplated in condition 19.1 or not respond to the Customer’s dispute within the time period indicated in condition 19.2 the Customer shall be obliged to refer the dispute to mediation, in order that an attempt be made to resolve the dispute before the mediator indicated in condition

The mediator contemplated in condition 19.3 shall be the chairperson or any person designated by him of the Gauteng Off-Course Bookmakers’ Association.

The Chairperson, or his designate, shall be entitled to determine the manner, place and the form of the mediation including the compelling of the Customer to answer questions and/or to provide documents at the hearing, including affording any representative of Playbet an opportunity to question the Customer at the mediation hearing.

The Customer undertakes to comply with all the reasonable demands of the person chairing the mediation hearing and furthermore agrees that until the mediation hearing has been finalized, and he/she has fully complied with the rulings and/or directions thereat, he shall be precluded from lodging any complaint with the CEO of the Gauteng Gambling Board in terms of Regulation 24 of the Gauteng Gambling Act.