Any bet that is disputed by Playbet will be considered to be null and void
to any betting promotion offered by Playbet.

The outcome of the bet will be governed by the Terms and Conditions as set
out by Playbet.

Playbet reserves the right to void bets, withhold payments or returns
pending the outcome of any subsequent investigations.

Playbet reserves the right to cancel or modify any promotion at any time
without prior notice.

Maximum winnings for all promotions is R5000 per bet and per account.
Playbet will retain the right to refuse the account withdrawal of the
promotion at their discretion.

All bonuses are seen as promotional bet vouchers and therefore can never be
withdrawn until completely turned over five times (5x).

All promotions are for valid online clients and online deposits only.

Playbet may make changes to the general promotion Terms and Conditions as is
deemed appropriate. Clients should therefore review the promotion Terms and
Conditions at regular intervals to stay abreast of any changes.


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